Q: What is Winecrasher?

A: Winecrasher is about getting the best value possible in wine - which means we only sell quality (externally rated) wine at the best prices in the market on every selection. Every choice made on our site is optimal!

"Crash Pricing" is the heart of our unique model. We reveal all the relevant information about a wine - critical score, region, grape varietal, vintage and tasting note but we only reveal the wine name and label after the purchase is complete. This protects the wineries and allows us to make deeper discounts than any other retailer!

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Q: I don’t see any wine or winery names on the product pages?

A: We reveal the full name of the wine and the winery after the purchase is complete. Withholding this information allows provide the deepest discounts in the market.

Q: Why does withholding the name of the winery reduce prices?

A: Wineries typically try to maintain a certain price for their wine and so they try to discourage public discounting of their wines by retailers. Our “Crash Pricing” model allows us to offer deep discounts while protecting the wineries from public discounting.

Q: Am I getting a label-less, generic or private label bottle?

A: No. You’re getting a regular fully labeled winery wine like you would get in any other store. You can even search the name on the Internet and see that you got the best price in the market.

Q: What happens if I change my mind after I saw the wine name/label?

A: We’ll take the wine back, however, our model dictates that we need to charge a $5.00 restocking fee per bottle. Otherwise people may abuse the concept simply to see which wines we’re selling.

Q: How can you guarantee the best price in the market?

A: When we purchase wine from our suppliers, we price check the wine using the industry leading www.wine-searcher.com pro comparison engine. We guarantee that our prices are lower than the lowest price shown on wine-searcher.com Pro for that date.

Q: The weather is very hot/cold – will you send the wine?

A: We and our fulfillment partner, Oeno Vaults, are very sensitive to weather conditions and we will delay shipments in order to avoid weather conditions that may endanger the wine.

Q: I’m having a party or event or just want to buy a lot, are there discounts for quantities?

A: Let’s us know what you have in mind and we will try to help! niv@winecrasher.com

Q: How does the flat rate ground shipping work?

A: We want to make it cost effective and simple to buy wine from us. Inside California It's $9.99 for a 3-pack, $12.99 for 4/6 pack and just $14.99 for 7-12 bottles all via FedEx Ground. We also have attractive rates for out of state shipping as well. Please see our shipping page