About Us

We’re a Startup committed to a new way of thinking about online wine retail. We strive to offer a simple and straightforward way for our customers to buy wine and always get the best value for their money.

Our unique Crash Pricing model allows us to sell all our wine products at guaranteed best prices while ensuring the customer is receiving quality critically rated wine. Every choice in our store is optimal.

In addition our Crash Pricing model works perfectly for wineries that want to reach new audiences while protecting their brands from public discounts.

Niv Nissenson, CEO and Founder
With a financial and entrepreneurial background Niv joined the wine industry 5 years ago as CFO of Napa based ultra luxury wine retailer, Soutirage. Exposed to the beautiful world of wine, Niv was intrigued by the unique marketing and economical conditions of the wine market.

Seeking to combine fresh marketing and economic models in an entrepreneurial setting, Niv founded Winecrasher along with his siblings Guy and Tal and his business partner Nancy O’Connell.

Nancy O’Connell, Wine Director and Co-founder
Passion and longing brought Nancy to the wine world over a decade ago. Crossing the lines between retailers and wineries, Nancy developed a deep understanding of wine market. Great relationships combined with knowledge and experience make for a great wine director.

Nancy also worked for Soutirage where she and Niv met. Feeling that there is a need and opportunity for a fresh and value based concept Niv and Nancy founded Winecrasher.